BIOL 111

Concepts of Biology Course Page

Dr. Deufel is NOT currently teaching this course but will teach it in Fall 2017

Labs will be posted here. Please print yourself a copy and bring it to lab.
Introduction to labs - pdf

Lab 1: Science and the Scientific Method   
Lab 2: Microscope use and introduction to cells   
Lab 3: Osmosis  
Lab 4: Cell Craft Game
Lab 5: Photosynthesis & Respiration
Lab 6: DNA, chromosomes, and the Cell Cycle   
Lab 7: Genetics and Inheritance   
Lab 8: Evolution Board Game  
Lab 9: Natural Selection  
Lab 10: Plant Diversity  
Lab 11: Animal Diversity  
Lab 12: Predator-Prey Cycles  
Lab 13: Conway's Game of Life - game site