BIOL 220

Human Anatomy & Physiology I Course Page

Dr. Deufel is NOT currently teaching this course

BIOL 220 Syllabus 

Medical Terminology Exercise (pdf)

Chapter 2: the atom; covalent bond; ionic bond; polar molecules; hydrogen bond; carbohydrates; lipids; proteins 1 and 2 ;  
Chapter 3: fluid mosaic model; passive transport; active transport; Na+/K+ Pump; Endocytosis/Exocytosis 1 and 2

Sample Exams: since these are old exams there will be some questions on material we didn't cover this semester. Simply ignore these questions.
exam 1 2008, exam 1 2010   
exam 2 2007, exam 2 2008
final 2007, final 2008

The following links point to various websites where you can practice your histology (chapter 4 in your book) knowledge: