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National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) bookshelf--textbook notes

Immunology---current research

Bitesize Immunology---quick reference


Announcements---Check email 2-3 times a day! 

  • Quiz 5---grading now
  • See linked below, Lab 7--Part 1--ELISA assay---materials below. (Includes high quality,  captivating, possibly award-winning video instruction.  ;)


Course Outline/schedule



Paper 1--1918 flu



Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4

Lecture 5

Lecture 6

Microbiome and mental health

Lecture 7


Lecture 8

Lecture 9

Lecture 10        New coronoa virus- basic info  Corona virus-bats--immune system links

Lecture 11

Lecture 12


Lecture 13

Lecture 14

Lecture 15

Lecture 16


Lecture 17

Lecture 18

Lecture 19

Lecture 20

Lecture 21


Lecture 22 Part 1. (Sorry did not save part 1 slides PPT)--many repeated from lecture 21

Lecture 22 Part 2.   PPT slides here

Lecture 23 Part 1      PPT slides here. (Parts 1 and 2)

Lecture 23 Part 2


Lecture 24 Part 1. PPT slides here (Parts 1 and 2)

Lecture 24 Part 2

Lecture 25 Part 1  PPT slides Here (Parts 1 and 2)

Lecture 25 Part 2

Lecture 26   PPT slides Here 

Lecture 27-Part 1     PPT slides here

Lecture 27-Part 2

Lecture 28--Part 1.    PPT slides here

Lecture 28--Part 2

NEW Summary article!  Here

Lecture 29--Part 1              PPT slides here

Lecture 29--Part 2


Lecture 30--Part 1                       

 PPT slides here

Lecture 30--part 2

Lecture 31--PPT slides

Lecture 31--part 1

Lecture 31--Part 2

Lecture 32--slides

Lecture 32--Part 1

Leccture 32--part 2

Lab quiz 1--guideline here
Lab 3--Introduction to cell culture.  Observing cell differentiation in vitro. Link to cell information HERE
Lab 3---Continuation---setting up experiment. 
Lab 4--Pregnancy tests---Immunology behind the technology

Video 1 pregnancy tests  

Video 2 obtaining antibodies for pregnancy tests   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLHlmY4eWg0

Lab 5. Mouse model for immunological organs. View this animation BEFORE lab (It has inspiring music). 
Detailed histology tutorial here.


Lab 6---FACS analysis
Presentation Here:
Examples of data output here
CD11b antibody info here
LAB 7--Enzyme Linked Immunoassays (ELISA)
Lab 7--ELISA part 1--Background/Introduction  and  protocol 
Animation for your ELISA assay--2 animations to click on to the right of the product pictures. 
Exam prep
----------------------------OLD MATERIAL BELOW THIS LINE--Do NOT USE in 2020 COURSE----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  Lab 4--Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting Lab 4---FACS analysis background---how do we know differentiation took place?




ELISA animation for a modified assay.

Lab7 ELISA Part II












Animation 1

Animation 2

Lab 5--ELISA Part 1-- Background Protocol







Lab 4 doccuments

Lab 4 part 2 documents






TLR papers---TLR article (both papers are in one pdf). 





ABO blood group system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Blood Groups, Blood Typing and Blood Transfusions (Includes a game to test your understanding of ABO blood compatability)

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